You'll feel smart and sophisticated in a fantastic suit, but you'll never look right if you don't get it correctly. It all depends on the type of suit you're looking for, as well as the size, fit, and style you choose. It's all in the details: the fabric, the number of buttons (two or three), and so on. Is it better to have a notch or a peak lapel? Jacket sizing cannot be corrected by a tailor. The majority of men underestimate the size of their jacket. So. Do you think you're a 42? Attempt a 40. Is there still room to move? Put on a size 38. If you believe the size is significantly too tiny, move back up a step. That's the suit jacket you're wearing.

Stretch Suit in Grey Slim Fit

Here's our final verdict on Ted Baker's latest suit and business appearance from Suit Direct. Ted Baker's sleek contemporary suit is finished with unique, quirky embellishments that allow you to imbue your tailoring with your own style.

So go for something different with this Ted Baker three-piece suit in grey, narrow cut, and wool blend, which also has a fair amount of stretch to keep you comfortable while maintaining the suit's clean lines. With a cashmere sweater, this excellent-looking jacket and pants may be dressed down to a terrific off-duty casual appearance that still looks professional, or down to just a shirt for a great off-duty casual look that still looks professional.

Dress it up: It's a fantastic suit that you can wear to any informal or formal occasion, such as the office, a wedding, or a business meeting. Take care not to overaccessorize. Keep it simple with a tie and a discreet pocket square.

Change your professional shirt for a plain t-shirt and your smart shoes for your favourite white sneakers. This is what we term the modern creative's uniform.

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Black Melton Overcoat in Racing Green

A overcoat is required now that the colder winter is approaching. When it comes to jackets, though, there are two common lengths. One that reaches just above the knee and the other that reaches mid-calf or perhaps further. Unless you're from the Matrix, the latter is the most difficult to pull off, but Racing Green has a sleek wool blend overcoat that can help. It has a tailored cut and three button closure for a polished, sophisticated look. Racing Green is a brand inspired by British menswear's history, but with a modern twist and performance that never goes out of style.

Dress it up: There's a lot that goes into appearing stylish and how you dress. There's a lot that goes into appearing fashionable and how you wear something. If the weather permits, leave your overcoat undone, your sweater sleeves dangling, and, if you're feeling dapper, pop your collar.

Make it more casual: Do you prefer to dress in jeans, chinos, or joggers? The goal of a topcoat, like any other, is to throw it on regardless of what's below, and that's what will make this coat look especially great. When you're not worried, it appears to be better.


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