Workleisure: Return to the Office in Style and Comfort


For many people, it's time to say goodbye to working from home and return to the office. Workwear demand from our clients have increased by 12% this spring compared to the autumn and winter of 2020. If this describes you, you may lament the day you have to fold up your favorite pair of joggers. Maybe you're itching to show off your professional skills once more, but you're not sure where to begin. We foresee workleisure as the easy, beautiful, and comfortable solution to the post-pandemic women's fashion dilemma, no matter where you lie on the spectrum. Continue reading to learn more about this trend and what to buy to incorporate it into your wardrobe.


Workleisure is a combination of workwear and leisure or lounge apparel, as the name suggests. This top fall women's fashion trend for 2021 strikes a perfect medium between polished-looking pieces and soft, elastic fabrics. Consider it the post-pandemic version of business casual, except this time it's all about business comfort. Comfort is a top consideration for 81 percent of our female clientele. Knits and breezy forms are expected to take the place of sharp-shouldered jackets and tight pencil skirts. Are you eager to try them out? We're the same way.

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Now that you know what women's workleisure is, let's look at what the "new normal" for tops is. When compared to this time last year, the demand for blouses in Fixes has increased. Knits are at the top of our list. Mixed-material shells and wide surplice styles come to mind. These shirts resemble your grandmother's blouses, but they're much more comfortable. Juicy colours like tangerine and lime-green will brighten up your palette. Square-neck tops with statement sleeves, which first boosted your video call style game, are now livening up in-person business as well.

No worries if you're not ready to give up wovens just yet. This is the season for gauzy, loose button-downs made of high-end fabrics like silk and linen. Contrast the airy silhouette with a tailored bottom, or go for a wide leg to channel 70s style. Consider adding a pop of colour to your look with a new headband. They're twice as popular as they were last year, with an astounding 130 percent surge in headband sales since January 2021. Are you still looking for that professional zing? Then it's time to add some layers.

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The relaxed silhouette of women's workleisure bottoms is sure to make your transition back to the office more comfortable. This year, we're seeing a lot of requests from clients for choices with elastic waistbands. Say goodbye to starched trousers and hello to knits, drawstring waists, and billowing hems in this new era. Do you see a pattern here? The word of the day is "comfort." Keep scrolling to see our workleisure pants and skirts style forecast.

  • Pants that are secretly relaxed

Workleisure trousers provide a different purpose than traditional work pants. They're designed to be comfortable, with a softer fabric texture that makes you feel at easeā€”even at work. Look for ribbed-knit pants that embrace you or button-up joggers with French terry lining that keep you warm in secret. For a sophisticated look, be sure to select these touchable choices in an office-appropriate length and size.

  • Soft and Smooth Workleisure Skirts

You may not be ready to welcome back pants into your life at all times. We understand. It isn't for everyone. Skirts have always been a girl's best friend, even before the days of workleisure. Our clients' requests for workwear-ready skirts have increased. With the popularity of flowing midi skirts and elastic waistbands, we're now increasing the ante. A pleated midi with a satin finish will earn you style points on your first day back at work.

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